Individual Counseling

Are you facing a situation that you feel helpless over?…
Do you feel anxiety when thinking about a certain issue you are facing?…
Have your problems started to affect your daily life?…

Life isn’t easy – and neither are our problems.
Our fears, our pain, our anxieties, our anger –
these can become so overwhelming that we feel
utterly helpless in trying to find our way back to happiness.

Help to find your inner strengths to discover who you are and what you want in life
Help to move you out of hopelessness to finding your way back to freedom, serenity and overall happiness
Powerful coping skills to relieve and release anxiety

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Services Offered
In Our Maitland,FL Location:

Individual Counseling
Healing From The Body Level Up (HBLU)
Mind/Body Healing
Pre-Marital Planning

Personal Growth & Exploration
Energy Psychology
Emotional Freedom Techniques
Money Therapy & Coaching
Holistic Soul Coaching
Co-Parenting Class
Holistic and Integrative Mental Health
Dream Work
Jungian Oriented Psychotherapy



Feel free to call or e-mail to set up a complimentary phone consultation. I'm happy to answer your questions.

“The significant problems we have
cannot be solved at the same
level of thinking with which
we created them”

~Albert Einstein